Where Are You Looking For Happiness?

You cannot copy happiness, you have to create your own.

Huzaifa Irfan 🦋
2 min readDec 1, 2021
Photo by Sasint from Pixabay

Enthralled by the happiness
People always exhibit in their posts
A fantasy that I am watching
As if they have never seen trials of life

A glamorous life that businesses sell
You are ugly, unhappy, and unsatisfied
Sparkling videos of influencers confirms
The only way to salvation is to use that lotion

Alas! It is the science that has to blame
Marketing has kept people’s psych in target
Making people feel good by the rush of dopamine
Keeping them want more and more to keep score

Internet is a new weapon for its agency
Countless videos to keep people hooked
To gain from people by devastating their social life
Giving fire of love exaggerated to gain in real life

Normalizing abuse, infidelity, and trafficking
Excusing themselves of the blame due to consent
Love remains to skin and satisfaction of an urge
All that on the name to make people happy

Is the notion of happiness has entrapped us?
Do we have forgotten what makes us happy?
Or the world has distorted our viewpoints?
Do we even realize what is better for wellbeing?

We have known that all these are ideas
Thrown by every seller at our doors
A thrash that keeps away from happiness
Unreal, exaggerated, and fake to be precise

Where is this happiness, a cry from my heart rises
Is it in little opportunities of life that you ignore?
Does it need to come to you in a particular form?
It is in the journey or at end of the tunnel?

Happiness is beauty within you
Happiness is in real-life experiences
Happiness is here and now, in pain & joy
Happiness is you living a free life

Happiness is so many things to people, we have to understand that we have to define happiness for ourselves. We can never be happy by copying fake and exaggerated life of influences in the entertainment industry. They do have a life other than what they show on the screen.

A famous poet once said, “A thing of beauty, is a joy forever,” However, it differs from one person to another, I have made sense of what is beauty to me in below mentioned article.

READ ME: Beauty is Within You.



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