Navigating the New, Exciting, and Dangerous Digital World

All alone

The Flower Of Life


Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

We are born innocent.

The learning in this life perhaps will never end as the world changes the people change accordingly.

We were the generation that was consumed by technology and the internet, never knowing its drastic effects on our lives; our parents didn't understand that whatever they never wanted us to see, we were opening it with a click, leaving us alone to maneuver the difficult terrain and not knowing how to get out safely.

A large part of our life has been spent in making sense of things alone; what we were taught in the local society and what we saw online were too opposite. Religiously, I was exposed to all kinds of beliefs and disbelief; superstitions and rituals that sparked the most dangerous questions, it created a whole different set of assumptions regarding the world.

As the world became global, I considered my traditions and values to be outdated. The values of modesty become acts of oppression, caring for your parents a burden, and I considered the opposite gender as a means to endless gratification of self, through highly intense erotic entertainment.

The extremity of erotica, the exposure to wild ideas and beliefs, and the world beyond our parents' traditions, and societal expectations did not concord with the existing structure in me, leaving me confused, addicted, and severely depressed.

The storm of indulgence in "online politics" over the country issues was getting rampant day by day. I left everything authentic to chase after illusions of perfectness; the perfect woman in an erotic scene, the perfect argument to counter the online religious bigot, and the deep quest to never lose any news on the internet.

Living in the same house, my parents were unaware of the struggles I faced; all they cared about was seeing me performing rituals without knowing what mental chaos I was undergoing, neither the rituals nor the religion they practiced made any sense to me. Sharing your doubts with your friends, colleagues, or family would only mean doing blasphemy — the case of Mashal Khan was quite visible recently when he was stoned to death by university students over a blasphemy accusation because he shared some doubts.

The new generation doesn't feel the way our forefathers have kept themselves to family values, and while you cannot control a child from accessing something inappropriate, you can talk to them and discuss its harm. Instead of shaming a child over rituals, consider it a source of healthy communication over spirituality and God. These children are growing up in a completely different world, they have faced and are facing something we never have experienced. Shutting them up, shaming them, or belittling them keeps them away from what you want them to follow.

The younger people who are unable to get away from drugs, unhealthy relationships, and different addictions don't understand how to live well. Those young minds have been exposed to a variety of content these days — from TikTok to Facebook, they are shown everything; your support and understanding matter most, be there for them, be there to help them handle this hard period of their life well.

They will be grateful to you in the future. If parents could not help, being an elder brother or a sister, you have a great responsibility to keep a check on them.

I have found my answers a very hard way; every error exposed me to my weaknesses, and every misunderstanding compelled me to explore further. Slowly, after years I realized the power of a constant quest to understand, to be a better version of myself. It took a great amount of time, but as a self-made person, I am now able to follow my dreams without the support of others.

I have found my comfort in solitude, but when things are shared it becomes easier to handle. I have found my peace within chaos, I assure you that you will also find your mental clarity. Understand that we ought to make mistakes to make sense of this new world in which the old wisdom did not work.

Keep exploring yourself, and the world around you; make your belief system, and the healing strategies & inspire others with your journey.

You will overcome.

You will do well.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your quality time and attention.