How Do You Build Trust In Yourself?

Fulfilling self promise

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Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

I believe we can never trust others the way we can trust ourselves.

Trust is the backbone of any relationship. It symbolizes that you will care for each other, keep each other's feelings, and be there for one another in many ways; the trust you build in a relationship is based on long-term examples and commitment, which is rooted in loyalty and integrity.

Many times we believe in others more than ourselves, we think they can make us happy, we think they have the power to clear our paths toward success, and they hold the keys to forever motivation. Sometimes these beliefs don't hold any ground for they are rooted more in our fantasies than the trust in others or examples, and even we consider a little hope and hints of reciprocation as evidence of incoming pleasurable life.

We trust God to provide us with a better life, without understanding that God helps uplift you when you work on your own, He doesn't magically turn your life around without a process. We fail to see the history and examples of how people have struggled to get into their desired positions.

All things come back to their original place when we start to trust ourselves more than we trust others. You will only be able to trust others when you choose to trust yourself: Just as trusting others requires you to believe in their ability to keep their promises, their care for little things, and their integrity to follow up with their words, you need to keep all these to yourself too.

Self-care or self-love is a decision you must make to uplift yourself; it is a promise to keep going to exercise when you don't feel it, it is not lying when your friendship is in danger, and it is in choosing your values every day. It is testing your limits to strengthen self-belief, little by little.

You don't have to realize or achieve lofty success to be self-dependent. Your self-trust will be built little by little, with keeping one small promise every day.

Self-trust is built when your body signals you to stop, and you stop immediately. When it asks you to keep fit, you decide to take an evening walk, and when it asks you for food you stop and eat healthy foods. It gives your body constant water to keep it hydrated and functioning well. When your ear hears insults, and you point them out, when your hands feel tempted to touch things you should not, and you stop your hand from moving forward, and when your ear seeks to listen to dramatic gossip, and you walk away refusing to let it enter your mind.

Self-trust develops when you move toward people, and places that give you beautiful energy; it is letting yourself be in the moment, at the present enjoying its blissful experience. It is in the decisions to travel to lovely places, make friends with kind people, and follow your dreams, little by little in the shape of hobbies and leisure activities, in the shape of willful efforts towards it.

It develops when you do what you love to do, even if it is doing little in the day, and sometimes the best to feel peace and blissfulness is by taking a sweet rest.

Self-trust is strengthened when you are attuned to your feelings and understand the complexities and messages they give you. When you acknowledge your needs and plan for their fulfillment. It is built when you comfort yourself in hard moments, with softer words and optimism.

Self-trust blossoms when you walk away from places, feelings, expectations, and things that no longer serve you. It is deciding to quit the job, the relationship, and the friendships that harm you. It is in recognizing that there is something on the other side; a real freedom where you fulfill your tasks based on your values and core beliefs.

If you are struggling to trust yourself. Just listen to your body, your heart, and your intuition; make small decisions aligned with it. It is okay to struggle, it is never okay to betray yourself. Self-trust comes from the alignment between who you are and what you do.

Build your Self-trust before trusting others.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your quality time, feedback, and encouragement.