Feeling All Emotions Beautify Our Life

Liberating ourselves

The Flower Of Life


Photo by Marius Muresan on Unsplash

We are rational beings who feel and when our emotions and logic conflict with each other, mostly emotions hold sway.

Sometimes emotions become so heavy, that we are unable to make sense of anything. When we understand that our emotions hold significant meaning, we will only be able to appreciate and understand what they tell us. No one is supposed to be stuck in one emotion, and if one is, he needs to embrace it instead of fighting it.

Sometimes people say you should control your emotions, this is wrong because you cannot control how things make you feel. You can respond to it well, but certainly cannot make yourself feel a certain way. You can numb your feelings, you can hold them, and you can keep them bottled up but you will never be able to keep them in your way, it will open up all that it holds, and one day surely.

You are not supposed to be sad all the time, nor to be forever happy. You are not supposed to be angry at every instance of your encounter with someone, nor you are supposed to not feel the injustices around you with disgust. As we live our lives, we have to feel happy with the appreciation and recognition of our work, we have to grieve and feel sad losing people we love, and we have to feel disgusted when something is brutal and cruel.

All emotions need to be felt but in balance.

I was so focused on the good feelings that I lost the value of sadness in being treated as a second option, I ignored the places that did not welcome me and thought of all things as positive when I should be feeling anger. This made me a people pleaser, and I was unable to understand why I was doing it since I ignored and numb other feelings.

When you numb your feelings and don’t let them pass it doesn’t make you appreciate life or find beauty in little things. You have felt sadness and distress at the difficult news, you will only appreciate the goodness of good news when you allow yourself to feel the uncomfortable feelings; you will appreciate peace and calm when you have felt anger upon someone’s tantrum or drama. All these experiences, whether positive or negative make you appreciate your life more, and you begin to take little moments with great enthusiasm.

Life will be an adventure when we explore our emotions with courage; when you allow yourself to feel, you begin not only to heal but also to feel beauty in mundane experiences.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your quality time, feedback, and encouragement.