Can You Imagine?

Realize the power of Imagination in the quest of achieving greatness.

Huzaifa Irfan 🦋
1 min readAug 2, 2022
Photo by Mitchell Hartley on Unsplash

Can you imagine?

The house you want to build,
The car you want to buy,
The clothes you want to wear,
And all the things you can see from afar.

Or can you imagine an idea or a craft,
A thought or a possibility,
A dream or an aim,
A win or a miracle,

If you can, then what stops you to think?

If you can think about it, you can do something about it,
If you make little effort, it becomes attainable,
If it is attainable then what makes you not think in the first place?

If you are sad, think about happiness,
If you are worried, think about safety,
If you are disappointed, think about your win.
If you cannot do it, what is stopping you to imagine?

If you are to live and live better,
Starts with imagination,
Imagine things that fancy your existence.



Huzaifa Irfan 🦋

I am half flaws, half butterfly 🦋. Contact: ReadwithIrfan@gmail.com