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Enthralled by the happiness
People always exhibit in their posts
A fantasy that I am watching
As if they have never seen trials of life

A glamorous life that businesses sell
You are ugly, unhappy, and unsatisfied
Sparkling videos of influencers confirms
The only way to salvation is to use that lotion…


Photo by @southsidebhjenks from Instagram

Love always amazed me.

Love is not an emotion but a set of emotions coalesced into a fusion. It confuses many people, some think they have lived their entire life and have not yet found out the exact thing which can be universally called love. …


Photo by mobile_photographyj from Instagram

Consider yourself a machine: Idleness will rust you, overindulgence will desiccate life from you. You should have a set of daily activities that keeps you recharged & happy. The machine works well when it is used & nourished.”

Consider yourself a machine, a car, or anything that does some work…

Huzaifa Irfan

Avid Reader & Lazy Writer, I write on Books, Psych, Poetry, Gender, Admin/Politics, Islam & Pakistan. Email: ReadwithIrfan@gmail.com

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