3 Reasons Why Couples Have to Work on Their Emotional Intelligence

Relationships have to be easy and loving; improving EQ can enhance the quality of your relationships

Huzaifa Irfan 🦋
4 min readAug 8, 2022
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Success can be achieved in life by different means; Intelligence is the prime factor that will make one triumphant.

However, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) may make you think about equations or solutions better, but it can not ensure the quality of the relationship. This is because a higher IQ makes a person think more about themselves than others.

They always go for rationality and independence of thought leaving little room for emotions — if you seem not to be deterred by feelings and doubt someone’s intentions based on your overthinking of possible causes or problems associated with them, it backfires heavily.

Consequently, one needs and had to learn to improve their relationships based on intelligence that makes one understand others — emotional Intelligence — If a person does not express themselves through emotional intelligence, their chances of making quality relationships dissipate largely.

Understanding your and others' emotions and expressing them appropriately is emotional intelligence which is an art that is found in everyone yet they have to polish it to make a positive impact in relationships. Art can be learned, by practice and by trying to understand others through their perspectives.

What Is Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is the capacity to recognize one’s own emotions as well as the ability to comprehend the emotions of others. EQ is a skill that is learnable through training and experiences. EQ is related to self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, and interpersonal relationships.

How It can Enhance the Quality Of Your Relationship

EQ affects us our entire life as we have to love others — we are social beings and will have to maintain relationships with others to experience life fully.



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